Welcome to Innovise - providing leadership resources and services to start, grow and strengthen your business.

Innovation in business means doing something new or different. Innovise equips businesses to succeed at the doing part - bringing people, information, and technology together to achieve new goals. We provide specialist leadership experience in transforming businesses. Our purpose is to enable businesses to assess their situation, decide on a course of action, and implement meaningful change.


Growth Leadership

Growth is the most ambitious plan a business can have. Creating or transforming a business to realise a new vision is exciting and challenging. It is a journey filled with uncertainty as it consumes financial and human resources, for the promise of greater reward at some stage in the future. Leadship demands are constantly changing, with specialised skills and knowledge required at every step.

Business Development

Access to information has dramatically changed the way people make purchasing decisions. This creates new opportunities for competitive advantage, and undermines many traditional business development strategies. This is both an exciting and frustrating time for many businesses. Being aware of these market dynamics is essential to effectively target resources, strategies, and marketing initiatives.

Business Strengthening

Business operations need to be strong for a business to survive and thrive. Weaknesses can undermine growth or development efforts, put stress on finances, as well as demotivate staff and clients. Making operational changes can have a dramatic and immediate impact on the performance of a business, good or bad. A well designed and executed program of change can unlock capacity to scale, improve performance, and build a culture that attracts and retains clients and staff.

About Innovise

Growing, strengthening and expanding businesses since 2001

Innovise was established in 2001 with the goal of helping New Zealand businesses make the most out of their investment in information technology. Building on this experience, Innovise has expanded its role into working with executive teams on their change management and leadership around digital technology and innovation. For the last 15 years Innovise has been providing transformation expertise, leadership resources, building solutions, and advising management teams.

Innovise takes a novel approach to engaging with customers, combining scenario planning with strategy. We start by building a clear picture of the current situation, and translating strategy & goals into a well defined vision of a future scenario. With an understanding of what needs to change, an appropriate plan of action can be made and executed.

About the Founder: Roger Ford

Roger has worked for more than twenty years in senior management and executive positions, building new business capability & capacity, improving performance, and resolving complex situations. From working with a wide range of start-ups, growing SMEs, and multinational corporations, Roger has developed a deep understanding of how to envision actionable strategies, plan and execute, and enable good decision making.

A Situational Assessment is an objective and technical discovery of business capabilities and external factors. By combining situational awareness with performance tracking, a business is able to identify areas to focus on improving, their potential value, then see the results.
A quantitative review of the vision for the business and the resource options available. Determines the resources needed and areas to change, in order to get from the current situation to the desired scenario.
Change enables improvements to the business, but it is also disruptive to people, systems and processes. New business activity has uncertain outcomes and uexpected challenges, whereas existing business activity needs to maintain continuity. By designing out the predictable obstacles and designing in value realisaton for all affected, a programme of change can be positive experience for any business.


A selection of projects from the last 15 years